Hello world!

My name is Carol. Care, for short.

I am neither a professional cook nor expert baker, but I love food and I have a passion for collecting cookbooks and trying new recipes. Sometimes the results of my efforts look and taste divine; at other times, I am sent back to the drawing board to figure out where I went wrong.

Baking is often compared to science. You need to use the right ingredients in the correct proportions, add heat, and wait for the desired chemical and/or physical reaction to occur. Knowing and using the correct formula will increase the likelihood that a particular combination of ingredients will result in beautiful baked goods. However, I don’t discount the element of luck that sometimes turns a mess of batter into the most delicious treat, 45 minutes of oven time later.

I tend to have an “hmm, that looks interesting” attitude that often leads me to tackle more complicated recipes before I master the basics. After all, who said I would need to know how to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie before attempting to bake croissants from scratch?

In creating this blog, I thought about the things that I would have liked to know as I was learning to bake. For example, why cream the butter and how can I tell if I’ve done it correctly? What’s the difference between a pâte sucrée, a pâte brissée, and a pâte sablée? Do I really need to use a loaf pan, or will a muffin pan work? I had a lot of questions as I was starting out, and I didn’t always know where to turn for help.

Come and join me on this journey. There may be a few baking mishaps along the way, but I am hopeful that the lessons learned will make up for them. Together, we will navigate the world of baking. Get your whisks and mixing bowls ready! Let’s bake!

If you’d like to know more about me, please follow my musings on Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr.


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